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Lead Pastors, Joshua & Elaine Ortman

What should I expect at the 9AM Worship Service?

The church should be relevant to all of God’s people. The 9AM Worship Service features joyful praise and worship music, relating to those who prefer a more traditional style. Following the worship, one of our pastors will share a life-changing message based on the truth of God’s Word.During every service, we give people an opportunity to receive prayer and to experience the miracle of salvation.Come and visit us every Sunday at 9:00 AM.


What should I expect during the 10:45AM Worship Service?

Walk through our main doors and upstairs into the auditorium. Feel free to claim a seat or stand in the front for worship! Our 10:45 AM Worship Service starts off with joyful praise and worship music, which is a blend of Contemporary Christian, Gospel, and traditional music. Following worship, one of our pastors will share a life-changing message based on the truth of God’s Word.   Our services are structured yet open to the direction of the Holy Spirit, which may be evidenced by: the worship team singing a new song, the speaking of a prophetic word, or by an offer to receive some type of healing.  During every service, we give people an opportunity to receive prayer and to experience the miracle of salvation.  Come and visit us ever Sunday at 10:45 AM.


How are my children cared for during the service?

Our church is filled with families with children of all ages, and we believe that they are a true blessing and gift from God. Directly behind the sanctuary is a mother's room for mothers and their infants, which offers privacy and is able to accommodate their specific needs. We have childcare and Sunday school during both of our services.

For children of nursery age through middle school, parents check-in their children in the education wing of the church before service and walk them to their assigned classroom. Children from 6 months to 3-years-old are cared for in our two nursery rooms. Children ages 4-10 rotate through three classroom settings where they participate in exciting, spirit-filled worship and time of prayer, hear a Bible story, and participate in crafts and/or activities that reinforce the message of that day’s topic. Children from 6th-8th grade are dropped off in their classroom but will attend worship upstairs in the main auditorium before returning to their classroom for an engaging, age-appropriate Bible teaching. Our children's church staff is exceptional! Your children will be loved and taken care of in a safe, secure, and exciting environment designed just for them.

What happens after the service is finished?

Our church family is not quick to leave after the service is finished. We believe that fellowship and building personal relationships by simply sharing life and conversation with other believers is vitally important. After the service, refreshments are served downstairs in the café (or outside on a nice afternoon). This is a great time to meet new people, connect with church leaders, and find out more about life groups and ways to get involved in our various ministries.

Ten Core Values of King's Fire Church
We believe:
  • We have been saved and empowered by God's grace through faith in Jesus Christ.
  • The church is made up of those who have put their faith in Jesus Christ and His plan of salvation.
  • Believers gather together corporately both in the church and the home for ministry & meals.
  • Church leadership exists to train and empower believers to do the work of ministry.
  • God has commissioned the church to think globally and act globally so that all may hear the Gospel.
  • Supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit are given by Jesus and are desirable, available, and essential.
  • Children are the blessing and reward of the Lord; therefore, we invest in their spiritual growth.
  • In the synergy & power of teamwork where both young and mature believers work together for the Kingdom.
  • The church is built upon the foundation of apostles and prophets and is:
    • A Family: Where the alone or lonely can feel welcome.
    • A Hospital: Where the sick or injured can find care and healing.
    • An Army: Where believers unite together to overcome the forces of darkness in this present evil age.
  • In the power of unity and in the values of compassion, love, and reconciliation.